AT&T intros 3G USBConnect Quicksilver for worldly types


Att_usbconnectquicksilver_frontThere’s on the run and then there’s really on the run… as in around the world. AT&T just announced something for the globetrotter, although I suppose contestants on The Amazing Race might find it useful too. It’s the USBConnect Quicksilver, a small USB modem for AT&T’s 3G network and beyond. The 1.2-ounce Quicksilver supports AT&T’s HSDPA network here in the states, but can also handle data roaming in over 150 countries; 60 of ’em support fast 3G speeds. How’s that work? Simple: the Icera Livanto chipset inside the Quicksilver supports the following networks and frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (GSM/GPRS/EDGE); 850/1900/2100 MHz (UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA)Of course, you’ll need a global data plan to go along with this world-wide freedom. Expect your monthly bill to between $109.99 and $229.99 for 5GB of data in the U.S. and up to 200MB of data outside of the States. As far as the USBConnect Quicksilver itself? That’s currently free with a qualifying data plan and two-year commitment. That’s not so bad, but twenty-four months of travel will surely kill your budget unless you’re a constant stowaway.



I would be very interested in getting one of these for my own personal use. Personally I would prefer to have a small 3g usb doggle rather then have the 3g build in, that way I am not limited to what device I can use the 3g on…in addition to that being able to take the sim card in and out easily is a plus, because personally I would just use the tether package with my att Tilt, which is my current way of getting 3g on my laptop, and just swap the sim card into the usb doggle to save the battery on the phone(which drains super fast when being used as a modem, even if its connected via usb) I know I would not being able to get my phone calls while I am using the 3g doggle…but then again I use my phone more for internet rather then talking any way. The world can wait for a bit while I stay connected to the net, I will be back…maybe, haha


I’m doubtful that many individuals will use this, but it could be ideal for a company / department to keep a few and handout when executives are travelling overseas.

I’ll be more intrested in getting one unlocked, and just popping in a local SIM when you go somewhere, without having to worry about which network bands are supported.

I’ve used a Huwei 3G usb modem like that in the past and this could be nice update / replacement

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