Apple notebook event soon- could be uninspiring


Apple_notebook_eventSteve Jobs is no doubt preparing for the stage and the big notebook event scheduled in just a short while.  We will be watching the proceedings and giving a summary with our POV after it concludes but rumors are already bouncing around as usual.  Based on the more credible of those rumors it looks like Apple may be announcing an upgrade to the 15-inch MacBook Pro that looks a bit more curvy and svelte.  It’s expected to have two NVidia GPUs, the purpose of that apparently to have the lesser power-hungry of the two active on battery power and the heavyweight GPU running on A/C power.  If true this is nothing new as PC laptops have been running two GPUs for a while for the same purpose.  The Vista-powered laptops use Intel integrated graphics on battery which is pretty stingy on power consumption and discrete graphics on A/C.  I hope Apple has more up their sleeves than that.

There is not expected to be a refreshed 17-inch MacBook Pro which is surprising.  If this is true then Apple may be phasing out the biggest Mac laptop.  There are 13 and 15-inch MacBooks expected that have the MacBook Pro look with brushed metal casing. 

That’s pretty much all we expect but as always with Apple there will surely be something unexpected announced.  We’ll bring you the scoop afterward.

UPDATE:  Forgot to mention:  does anybody else find it odd that Apple would go with dual NVidia graphics processors less than a week after having to admit to a fault with NVidia chips in MacBook Pros?  I’m just askin’.




nVidia had issues with almost every model from the 8xxx series and some of the 7xxx series. It wasn’t just one chip, it was a company-wide problem affecting entire generations of cards.


Where’s the $899 Mac netbook that a little birdie I call Kevin told me about??


Regarding the nVidia thing… I’d think that the defects were found way late into the development cycle for the new products.

And it’s not like there are ton of competitor chips out there that you could just drop into the motherboard as with, say, hard disks.

Besides, just because one chip had a flaw doesn’t mean every subsequent chip has one, too. Or else Intel would have been out of business after their Pentium math problem.


Woot! $900 24″ monitor!

Woot! $1800 MBA with stats to match a netbook!

Woot! MBP with a couple of minor upgrades and all the ports on one freakin’ side (WTF is up with that?)

Seriously, though, the new 13″ MBP is pretty fly (they should have come out with it years ago) and affordable and the new trackpad bizness might be kinda cool.


When has Apple been deterred by obviously defective parts? Seriously. I can’t recall a single machine of theirs that didn’t have some flaws, and Apple knew about most of them before they were released.

I wonder if Apple makes tons of money on returns / replacements somehow? Is it a tax write-off?

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