ADrive's Fee-Based Online Storage Service Worth a Look


I’ve written about ADrive before here. For some time now, it’s been trouncing the other free online file storage services in terms of sheer capacity offered at no cost. It continues to offer 50GB of storage for free, while many other free services max out at 1GB to 5GB (even GMail gives you more than that). Now, ADrive is offering a low-cost paid service that adds features to the free service, with new features being slipstreamed in.

For a few reasons, many web workers may want to check the fee-based service out.

ADrive is offering a service for $6.95 a month that can erase some of the headaches you commonly run into with free online storage plans. In particular, you can upload files of up to 2GB. That’s well beyond the 50MB limits you see at a lot of the storage services. At 2GB upload file sizes, ADrive is even a feasible storage solution for video files that aren’t too large in size.

ADrive has also integrated the Zoho Document Editor so that you can edit files online. This is probably a nod to and some of the other services that have intelligently reached out to web-based applications people can use in conjunction with the files they store online.

Among other offerings, ADrive is also offering remote file transfer features and a desktop backup client. Like local backup software that you may use, you can schedule automated, regular backups with the client. Especially if you collaborate with other web workers online, ADrive’s $6.95 a month service is worth a look.


Omais Qadri

When I heard about the site I feel downloading all my data on it and access from any were around globe its owsm make my work easy thanks.

Tyesha Pouliot

Hmm, some of your images aren’t showing up.. are you hotlinking?


We have a comprehensive list of online storage providers that includes a comparison chart that you can filter and sort based on price, storage amount, and features for each one. Let us know if we left any out. Hope you find it helpful.


Take a look at They offer true free storage, not free* trial. They also blend online backup and file sharing better than any other site I’ve seen – Kind of like the Mozy of backup and the of file sharing.


eBucket WebDrive offers a one-of-kind 3D online file storage at a fraction of the cost. Unlimited storage space. Secure data transfer. Multi-file uploads&downloads up to 5GB per file! Drag&Drop file manager. Transfer queue manager. MP3 & M4A (AAC) Music Player, Image Viewer, HD Video Player. Powered by Amazon S3.

Len Pallazola - Carbonite

Hi Paul,

Have you gotten an answer from support yet about your backup problem? In most cases you will not see any performance impact unless you have inherent problems with your hard drive – you may wish to try running CHKDSK to check for problems; Carbonite may have just been giving you a hint of underlying problems.

If you haven’t gotten a timely reply from support, please send a note to customersupport @ with “ATTN: Len” in the subject line and I’ll make sure you get a fast response.


Len Pallazola
Manager, Customer Service Systems
Carbonite, Inc.


I tried to use Carbonite Online Backup, installation was little bit annoying since my PC started to get slower and the first backup it takes longtime so finally I decided for the sake of my PC to remove definitely Carbonite. I made acomment to their support service hope they will fix this issu or its just related to my PC.

Online Backup is an interesting feature but more tempting is one push button windows recovery once the dammage happens!!!!This typical service is not for now yet!!!!

Von Heidel-Johnston

I use XDrive. It’s fine I guess but the interface is unreliable and half the time you cannot connect.

Recently I came across which now support a free Google Mail storage cloud. I figured out I could do something pretty cool. I registered for a free account and I was able to backup all my AOL Xdrive files (only about 50 MB) to GMail via their service and then access them through a much nicer interface – works for me, and now I have a backup of my backup :-)

Brian Carnell

Claude’s comment is interesting and I think the elephant in the room with every non-Amazon-based system. ADrive is actually cheaper than Amazon S3 at the moment for its premium plans. Which makes me skeptical that they’ve got a business model that’s going to be sustainable for the long term (esp. in these turbulent times).

There are so many of these online backup services these days, it will be interesting to see if any of them can compete long term with Amazon, but I suspect they won’t be able to largely due to this self-fulfilling sort of prophecy (Amazon looks safe and sturdy, others don’t, so Amazon will prosper in this area while others fail in large measure due to behavior driven by those expectations).


I’ve been using JungleDisk for the Mac, which is also available for Windoze, a I love it. You buy a lifetime license for $20, install it on as many machines and off you go.

It uses Amazon’s S3 to to backup your data and you pay Amazon directly. I paid less than US$2 last month for almost 12GB of storage and transfers. So far this month my bill is a whopping US$0.76 —

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