Gaming A New Platform For Political Ads; Obama Ad Shows Up On Xbox

imageWe’re being bombarded with political ads on TV and radio, but now, video games? Ads for presidential hopeful Barack Obama have turned up in the Xbox Live racing game, Burnout Paradise, first reported and GigaOm confirmed. The in-game ad takes its form as a billboard — complete with Obama’s photo and a plug for — featured in the backdrop of one of the levels, and GameSpot confirms it will appear in 10 states: Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

A few years ago, ex-Virginia Gov. Mark Warner tapped into the gaming market when his avatar appeared in a press conference in Second Life. While Obama’s campaign has shown the evolution from press conference to ad, will be interesting to see if and when other politicians follow suit, or even if they’ll take it a step further. So far it’s the most creative digital move from Obama. Back in August the campaign sent text messages and e-mails announcing Joe Biden as the VP pick (though we, and likely many others, didn’t get the news first in the alert), and this year it spent $3.5 million in online performance-based ads. To top it off, Obama has 700,996 MySpace friends, over four times as many as John McCain’s 169,736 friends.

Photo credit: JeffSon via Rooster Teeth.