Windows Mobile on the iPhone


I’m not sure why you would do this but a programmer in Norway has developed a dual-boot method for the iPhone providing Windows Mobile support.  In this video found by MobileDevicesToday the programmer shows selecting Windows Mobile from the touch boot menu, and then running it.  He claims it can make calls and I must admit it looks pretty cool to see Windows Mobile running on a nice capacitive touch screen.  He says it will be released open source in January but since you can’t just go out and buy Windows Mobile I’m not sure how this will work.



Didn’t you guys carry the story a couple weeks ago about the open source WinCE project for a Nettop WinCE OS? The existence of that code base makes this project entirely possible…


If this works this would open up all the Windows mobile only apps. I could use sling box. This is the only reason I don’t have an Iphone. I can’t wait if this is true


The consensus is this might just be a viral. Consider yourselves suckered in! I would bet it’s just a video of WM screengrabs, and he is just timing the touches to make it look real. at least that is the way I would fake it.


I never thought I’d see the day when people started dual-booting their cell phones. What’s next? Triple-booting with Android, I hope.

By the way, that whole video played out like an uncomfortably cheesy late-night infomercial for “male enhancement” pills. Right down to the flirty interviewer and the ridiculous industry-changing claims: “She can barely contain herself… You might as well throw away your CDs and records… WaveEars is the wave of the future”


This is probably the best hope yet for seeing Orb or Slingplayer on an iPhone.

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