The “Real” $899 MacBook is Actually a New Display?

New rumors keep cropping up about Apple’s event tomorrow.

First, some new pictures have surfaced on Engadget of a supposed new 15″ MacBook Pro. A few other sites have picked these up, but AppleInsider has taken it further with information about a possible new display that resemlbes an aluminum iMac but without the “chin”. They go on:

A second source adds that the display is about 24-inches and features a “super thin” base stand. The new 24-inch display may be the mysteriously-priced $899 Apple product that recently turned up in Apple’s systems, not a $899 MacBook. 

The $899 product is codenamed K29, while all other products on the price list begin with an “M” such as “M96.” Apple has traditionally used different codename trackers for its accessory products. For instance, several years ago, its Mac codenames began with a “Q” and its MightyMouse codename started with an “M.”

OK, that’s a new twist. So all the talk of a $900 MacBook may not be true, and instead we get a $900 display. That’s the same price as Apple’s current 23″ Cinema Display. You’d think after all these years Apple could have lowered the price when they introduced a new display. If not a lower price, then at least add some functionality.

And why announce it now? They’ve waited so long, why use the event tomorrow for that purpose? I mean, what kind of functionality could be so special about this display that they would potentially announce it at a laptop event? Well, maybe… this

Admittedly, this would be very cool, but I think Apple’s going to break a lot of hearts tomorrow (especially on Wall Street) if there’s no sub-$1K MacBook.