Stay on Top of Your USB Stick


Are you carrying a USB thumb drive with useful applications with you at all times? I’ve written before about how it makes a lot of sense, and how to stock your drive with many good free, open source applications with only one download. MacLibre and remain the choice sites to go to to stock your drive up with good apps. For ongoing information on how to get the most out of your pocket drive, though, try

Here’s what’s under the hood at this most useful site. is a blog that covers all things USB, and it tends to spend a lot of time focusing on useful applications, tools and new drives for those of us who like to keep a thumb drive with us at all times. If you keep up with the posts, you may be surprised at some of the options available for thumb drive-powered mobile work. There is also a forum, and there are tutorials.

To cite one example post, even if you already carry a thumb drive, did you know you can get one with a whopping 64GB of capacity from Transcend? If you’d like to buy me a holiday gift, this will make me smile.

Also among implementations that may come as a surprise, this PureAudio USB stick puts a high-quality sound card into a thumb drive implementation. also pops up with humorous, novelty thumb drive implementations, such as this Budweiser beer stick.

Storage in general has gotten radically cheaper by the gigabyte in recent years, and the prices you pay for these pocket drives are quite fair. Add to that the ease with which you can use the sites mentioned at the top of this post to get bushels of free portable applications, plus the kinds of new drive implementations tracked at, and you may want to get a pocket drive, or optimize the one you have.


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