I'm Talking Tech on Yahoo TechTicker


I was on Yahoo’s TechTicker earlier today talking about all things tech, including some of our recent posts, like the one about how aluminum is a canary in the tech mine.

Host Sarah Lacy talked to me about Gartner’s tech spending forecast, the slowing ad market and, well, the world at large. I am taking a very cautious stance on the technology business for the immediate future, even though I still believe that technology and innovation are the best way forward for the U.S. economy. Regardless, watching the clip made me realize that I need a haircut, some sleep and to learn how to stop waving my hands so much.

Check out the four part interview: part 1, 2, 3, 4


Om Malik


Thanks for the nice comments. At least you got a sense of my game plan. Looking forward to seeing you.

@k… thanks .. very kind of you to say so.


You should do more interviews, Om!
I’m no fan of Sarah Lacy but this was good. Thank you.

Xavier Casanova

Insightful – especially segment 2 where you talk about why online revenues are falling for newspapers. Your point about excess inventory and lack of differentiation amongst leading papers as a cause for online revenue stagnation never occurred to me.

It’s true that there is a lot of duplicate content out there and perhaps we are also seeing the effect of Google favoring original/niche content. I also think you’re right about content focus and audience segmentation. The problem then becomes the business model scalability. I guess I better understand now why you’re creating a network focused content sites under the GigaOM umbrella rather than trying to build a monolithic block like CNET etc.

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