Dual-booting iPhone is a hoax


We weren’t the only ones taken in by the video of the iPhone booting into Windows Mobile so we don’t feel so bad.  We do want to let you know that as cool as it is the iPhone app for running Windows Mobile doesn’t exist.  Gear Log spoils the party by pointing out that the trade show where the video was shot doesn’t exist and as far as they can tell neither do any of the people in it.  Well, they exist they’re just not who the video says they are.  Too bad.



It may not have been a REAL iPhone, but there is an iPhone clone out of China that runs WM6. They are on ebay, and still cheaper than the Jesus Phone.


i had already kinda figured that by how bad that black guys acting was. so it isnt surprising to see it was a viral video by Sonic since that was the name that kept being said over & over.

fun to watch tho

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