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Apple Developing Networked LCD HDTV/Apple TV Hybrid?

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Perhaps tired of notebooks hogging the spotlight lately, Apple TV is the subject of new rumors that surfaced this past weekend.

Jason Calacanis is making claims that Cupertino is developing a line of network-ready HDTV’s with built-in Apple TV functionality.  The TV’s would offer the same feature-set as the current Apple TV peripheral, but would cut out the extra hardware, offering the ability to stream your content directly from any Mac or PC on your local network.

In many ways this is a logical next step for Apple: Airport Express’ Air Tunes laid the groundwork, Front Row brought a showy but somewhat shallow adolescence, Apple TV showed a maturity but failed to provoke wide market interest. The Remote application for iPhone brings us tantalizingly close to a full, Apple-branded home theater solution (even provoking interest in Apple TV in people who’d taken a pass).  And then the return of NBC and the introduction of HD content?  How better to enjoy said content? Why, with your brand new Apple HDTV, that’s how!

Need more evidence? When did Apple last update their standard-setting line of professional cinema displays?  They obviously know what they’re doing when it comes to high-quality visuals, but only creative professionals are interested in spending $3,000 on a monitor. $3,000 for a television, however, is a different story.  People regularly spend that kind of money on HDTV’s, and if billed as two products in one (Apple TV included!), the price becomes even less prohibitive.  Combining the tech of Cinema displays and Apple TV is pretty much a textbook “product transition,” but it’s unlikely that we’ll see these beasts this Tuesday. If Apple is moving into the television market, it’ll merit its own fanfare.

6 Responses to “Apple Developing Networked LCD HDTV/Apple TV Hybrid?”

  1. Since Apple has actively decided to not compete in the display arena, I’m wary of any serious display products from Apple. Their monitors are GROSSLY overpriced compared to the competition. Should we expect the same from a television made by Apple?

    Also, I don’t like the idea of having this built into a TV. I want to be able to get a brand new Apple TV for $200, not have to buy a new TV to get upgraded functionality. I guess this is kind of why I have never been enamored with the iMacs, sexy though they are.

  2. I love the idea, naturally, but I really doubt an Apple HDTV would only incorporate an Apple TV in it. I think for Apple to enter a new market, it’ll be something entirely new.

    A few may assume DVR, but I don’t even think that’s the direction Apple should/would go.

    I see something more along the lines of browsing on the internet. They’ve certainly brought the internet to mobile device, why not take the natural next step and incorporate it into TVs. Pretty soon between your iPhone and your HDTV, the desktop as we know it will be obsolete.

    Whatever it is though, I sincerely hope it Hulu is involved, and hopefully an iTunes subscription model for video rentals to boot.

    Most likely wishful thinking… But one can still hope right?

  3. Valleywag’s Jason Calacanis, huh?

    He’ll be please to know he’s now in their employ. Maybe they’ll stop taking shots at him.

    If all you’re going to do is regurgitate Apple rumor mongering that’s been on dozens of sites before yours, how about at least bothering to learn who you’re writing about. Ever heard of Google? You might try 5 minutes with it before hitting the SUBMIT on your posts from now on.

  4. I dunno. I’m a fanboy, but I’m not sure I’d plunk down a few thousand clams on an Apple TV/HDTV hybrid. When a new Apple TV comes out with a beefier processor or more RAM, replacing your current one is only a few hundred bananas. However, that’s not the case with an HDTV. That’s a very painful upgrade.