Weekly App Store Roundup: Oct. 11, 2008


With the iTunes App Store growing at an astonishing rate, it’s getting tough to sort the innovative wheat from the iPhone-clogging chaff.  Our Weekly App Store Roundup highlights the most essential store additions, from entertaining freebies to time-saving tools and invaluable apps.

This time we’re looking at Free RSS Reader, Menstrual Calendar and three freebies from Japanese game shop Hudson Soft.

Free RSS Reader  (free) – Most of the RSS readers in the store cost a few pennies, however Free RSS Reader lives up to its wonderfully descriptive name.  It’s not particularly feature-rich but it costs nothing, reads RSS feeds and even stores them for viewing offline.  Grab it now and add TAB to your feeds list.

Menstrual Calendar (free) – Allowing you to track and predict your menstrual cycle across the calendar year, this is one specifically for our female TAB readers.  Other apps do offer similar functionality but they aren’t free. Give Menstrual Calendar a try today and ditch your boring old paper calendar now.

Hudson Soft have been making fantastic games for quite some time now. From Bomberman, back on the NES in the 80’s, to the super-successful Mario Party series and now, owned by gaming giants Konami, creating titles for the iPhone.  Over in Japan this week, it’s the annual Tokyo Game Show and to celebrate the event, the lovely folks at Hudson Soft have released three games on the App Store for free (until October 12, so grab ’em now!).

Aqua Forest (free) – Showcasing an impressive liquid-based physics engine, Aqua Forest is more proof-of-concept than game.  With a small selection of puzzles included, though, it’s certainly worth a download (and a nevertheless impressive hint of what could come in the future).

Catch The Egg (free) – Infused with only the odd stylings that a Japanese-designed title could be is the rather self-explanatory Catch The Egg; it’s not an amazing game by any means, but is nevertheless an amusing little time waster.

NeoSameGame (free) – A puzzler that strips back all the bothersome embellishments of other games, like stories and characters and discreet levels.  What’s left is a challenging shape-matching puzzle game that looks and feels so sleek that it could be designed by robots from the future.

Speaking of the future, if we take a moment to look forward there are some rather intriguing apps on the way.  One in particular that has piqued our interest is Zen Bound.

Zen Bound finds you untangling floating animal sculptures from reams of rope.  Finnish developer Secret Exit’s aim is to foster a mellow experience, eschewing speed-solving, with the emphasis on, “playability and polish.”  Watch the all-too-brief Zen Bound preview vid here.

Another App Store Roundup next week, in the meantime check those apps out for yourself and let us know what new apps you’d recommend.

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