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Gizmo5 Offering Free Conference Calls

Gizmo5, a service of VoIP service provider, SIPphone is offering free conference calling to its customers. I have been a big Gizmo user for a long time, but my usage has gone down mostly because their voice quality isn’t up to par. In fact, for all my VoIP calling, I had almost exclusively switched to using Skype. Over the weekend, however, I was reintroduced to the service when Gizmo5 emailed a free conference call offer. I wanted to talk to a few buddies and normally, I would call them on my cellular phone and then join the calls to create a conference call. However, I decided to try out the new offer.

I went to their website and got a conference room number. Those who wanted to join call in 1-605-475-8515 and punch the room number and join the conversation. It worked surprisingly smoothly and phone conversation with a couple of my buddies went without a hitch. Each conference room can handle between 2-to-10 people. Gizmo5 subscribers can call into the conference room and that doesn’t count a dime.

The whole thing went without a hitch, though given Gizmo5’s quality-record, I am going to try it out a couple of times before making a final decision. However, I can see the potential. I can use this service to interview folks and tape the conversation for easy archiving. If you are looking for an easy conference call option, you should try it out.

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  1. Those are all fine services for consumers, or a sole proprietor. The truth is in business, you don’t want to have to ask someone to dial a toll number under the assumption that they have unlimited long distance.

    Toll-Free is the way business is conducted, especially if you are dealing with a client. Also the service by nature is more reliable.

    Toll based services over-book their ports (10,000 ports for 12,000 people)and it’s all OK as long as everyone doesn’t use it all at once. Those are the times you get busy signals and dropped callers. A good Toll-Free service never over-books their ports.

    For a true reliable business level service and to make the greatest impression on your clients, use a toll-free service.

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  2. Free Conference call does the same, excellent sound and recording.

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