OpenOffice 3.0–How to Get it Early, Including for the Mac


Earlier today, Download Squad reported that, although the official release isn’t until Monday, the new version 3.0 of the free and open source suite of productivity applications is already available for download. OpenOffice is a free competitor to Microsoft Office and generally works well with Microsoft Office files, with some exceptions.

We covered the ways that you can get the Windows and Linux versions early over on OStatic. You can also now get the Mac version for free. Here’s how to get it, whichever platform you’re on.

The Mac version of OpenOffice 3.0 is found four links down at this site. There are many Mac-based readers here at WebWorkerDaily, and this new release may be worth checking out, even if OpenOffice hasn’t met your needs before.

As Mike noted in an OStatic post on the beta version of OpenOffice 3.0, “ 3.0 is finally an Aqua application, rather than one that runs through an X11 server.” Mike found the beta reasonably speedy, and generally compatible with Microsoft Office files. The new version also has support for ODF 1.2 (Open Document Format) as a native document format

In order to get the new version of OpenOffice for Windows and Linux, check the list of mirror sites here. If you’re downloading the suite early check for releases that say “Stable.” I plan to do a review on the new version for next week. I’ll especially be looking for stronger compatibility with Microsoft Office files (especially when doing things like importing Excel charts), which has been an occasional problem for OpenOffice in past versions that I’ve used.



using 003rc2 on linux, has never given any problems. no need to hanker after the production version for now.

April Jones

I downloaded an early version of it a couple of weeks ago from the Open Office site while I was trying to get a .docx file opened. So far I haven’t had any problems but then again, I’ve only been using it for .doc files. I haven’t tried Excel charts or anything else.

Its definitely a lot faster though, I can tell that already.

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