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Live from Diggnation: Apple Event Rumors

Diggnation London 2007, photo by SlipstreamJC
Diggnation London 2007, photo by SlipstreamJC

This year’s Future of Web Apps Expo found game geek Alex Albrecht and über-fanboy Kevin Rose arrive in London, England, for a live Diggnation show. The show, intended to be a roundup of the week’s most interesting stories, descended in to the usual drunken fun.

Several weeks back, Rose published a video on his blog featuring several rumors relating to the new iPod Nano, most of which came good. This puts Rose in the somewhat unique position of being a fountain of unsubstantiated yet spookily reliable insider knowledge.

Over at the live filming in London, a suitably inebriated Rose dropped a couple of short-yet-sweet golden nuggets in the form of Apple-related rumors.

Rumor Number One: The new notebooks will feature Blu-Ray Drives

Rumor Number Two: Apple have updated the solid-state drives to be much more reliable (we’re assuming this relates specifically to the Macbook Air)

Rose did caveat these rumors in stating that they were from, “a bad source,” whereas his Nano rumors were from a separate, more reliable source.  With the Apple Notebook event due in but a few days — Tuesday, October 14 — we’ll know soon enough if Rose’s rumors come good.

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  1. Darrell Etherington

    I agree it would be handy for those of us who use them, but I also agree with analysts who predict a short life for blu-ray owing to an increasing shift away from physical media. I have hard drives, I don’t want discs cluttering up everything, right?