IMAP fine-tuning controls appear in Gmail


GmailimapcontrolsGmail takes another step towards maturing their IMAP offering with new controls and options available. You can now pick and choose which IMAP folders (aka: labels in Gmail) are kept in synch between your client and the server.I’m also thrilled to see that you can choose how to handle archived messages. Up to now they’ve been in a ginNORmous Gmail/All Mail folder which is not only a space waster, but causes messages to be synched in two places, using precious bandwidth when mobile. I have nearly 53,000 messages in that folder on my personal Gmail account but I’d rather see most of them go away.The ones I need are already residing in the correct folder (or two), so I’ve got what I need. I don’t yet see the option to address this my Gmail account, but if you want to check for it hit Settings, Forwarding and IMAP / POP, and look for the option. Here you can set it so if a message is deleted, it will disappear from the All Mail folder and instead go to the Trash or simply be permanently deleted. While it’s nice to have every bit of mail forever, or until you run out of space, mobile device users might want to take advantage of this option. Heck, it’s just nice to have more options!Update: When looking for this feature in my Gmail account, I overlooked the fact that this a a Google Labs option. Hop into the Labs section of Gmail to enable “Advanced IMAP Controls”, save changes and you should see the new options.

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