The Money Somehow Ran Out: 11 Troubled Web Companies


A link bait if there ever was one, and a flawed one at best, but then, always fun for the rest of us: a list of 11 online companies that may be in trouble in short to medium term as the economy falls apart: the first 10 are actually decent M&A targets, and the last one, MySpace, is surely not in any imminent trouble. And with around $900 million in revenues, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. The interesting part is the first-gen companies like Skype, and if they will make the cut in the long run…



i think we may see some consolidation if companies want to survive. netvibes and pageflakes, perhaps. dailymotion should have options, especially parntering with a site that is not as strong in the european markets. and i always thought twitter would be a good acquisition for facebook, one of the few companies that could go on a smart spending spree (within reason). maybe there's a new site to create – one that allows you to place bets on the future of these companies. a virutal otb (off-track betting) for the digital age. okay, if anyone does that i want a piece of the action. . . ;-j

digital bear

Rafat should create a watch list of companies that are venture funded, have speculative financing pipe-lines and monitor. While this isn't a Silicon Valley "bubble recession" there does seem to be room for a sophisticated, journalistic oriented "f—-ed" company listing…



1) Link bait? Really? Me?

2) MySpace was my worst call in that list. I should have capped it at 10 and gone home.

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