Open Thread: How's Your Personal Tech Spending?

As the larger economic picture continues to look dismal, the reverberations are being felt within the tech sector. As our parent blog GigaOM reports, the venture capital firms are starting to get antsy about whether Silicon Valley can continue business as usual. Apple and other tech stocks are way down, and layoffs are showing up in the industry as well (though there are layoffs in good times too, depending on who you work for).

And yet, when we asked how the economy was treating you web workers personally, the majority of respondents didn’t report a slowdown. I’m seeing the same pattern in other communities I’m a part of – Rails developers, for example, still seem upbeat on the prospect of more work.

But there’s another aspect to this: even if your revenues are staying high, what about your spending? The Washington Post reports that consumer spending is way down, and the holiday shopping season is shaping up to be a dismal one. Granted, there’s a big difference between running out to the department store to buy socks and ordering a new 30-inch monitor or copy of PhotoShop, but we wonder: are economic worries causing you to rein in your business spending? Have you postponed or cancelled planned improvements to your home office space? Working to get your gadget addiction under control? Or is it still “spending as usual” in your corner of the web worker economy?


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