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October 14 MacBook Event Confirmed

Members of the media have just received word that the rumored October 14 MacBook event is rumor no more. Invitations sent by Apple’s PR department confirm that next Tuesday will see a special event hosted by the company at its Cupertino campus.

The image sent with the email and the tagline “The spotlight turns to notebooks” confirm that the event will indeed see a muchanticipated refresh of the company’s laptop line.  While it’s not entirely clear in the picture, the finish on the MacBook lid does appear to support rumors of all-aluminum casing.

Once again, here’s a quick breakdown of the rumors circulating:

  • New models and price points, from 8 to 12 base configurations ranging from $800-$3100
  • New manufacturing process and facility to produce notebook casings from a single block of solid aluminum
  • Wider touchpads, slimmer casing, and keyboards matching that found in the MacBook Air
  • Nvidia integrated GPUs in MacBook line
  • Possibility of in-built screens in touchpads
  • Possibility of tablet-type Mac introduction (sadly seems unlikely)

What are you hoping for?

20 Responses to “October 14 MacBook Event Confirmed”

  1. “They didn’t say MacBook. They say Notebook. WTF is that?”
    Not true…they said “The spotlight turns to notebooks” meaning portable computers in general..could be macbook, macbook pro or possibly a whole new unit

  2. BJ Clark

    I think everyone is over looking “Notebook”.

    They didn’t say MacBook. They say Notebook. WTF is that?

    I’d say we see something that’s not a MacBook, or the MacBooks go bye bye to make way for another product line/product name.

  3. I’m looking forward to new MacBook Pros. A “netbook” and tablet would be useless for me but I think it would be neat to see them.

    I’ll be upgrading my computer in the next year, so I’m looking forward to new MacBook Pros with multi-touch, maybe visual trackpads. I also really like the keyboard on the MBA and am hoping it makes its way into the new MBP.

  4. I’m hoping for a puppy! But seriously I just want something faster, sexier and that works all day, battery life using Photoshop is still a joke. I’d like to see the price tumble a bit to, every other manufacturer seams to be doing it.