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New Web Pilot Stars Justine Bateman and Ze Frank

Actors from Smallville and other TV shows. The writer of Go, Big Fish and Charlie’s Angels. Web star Ze Frank. Famous-for-other-things-but-now-all-aboutthe-web Justine Bateman. All these people and more are involved in what sounds like a promising upcoming web series, The Remnants.

The Remnants (preview) from John August on Vimeo.

The show was unveiled for the first time this week as part of a broader announcement from NBC detailing the slate of original productions it created in partnership with new media studio 60Frames. It was described as “a quirky and comedic story of a group of friends who search for answers and survival, upon realizing they are some of society’s last living inhabitants in post-something Los Angeles.”

Since the studios let the cat out of the bag, writer John August posted 2 minutes from the pilot on Vimeo and wrote about it on his blog. According to August, the project is still in development and won’t necessarily become a series. The part that’s done was shot during the WGA strike.

August also revealed the cast of The Remnants, which besides Bateman and Frank also stars Michael Cassidy, Ben Falcone, Ernie Hudson and Amanda Walsh.

August describes the show as “a comedy about a group of squabbling survivors in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Tonally, it’s a cross between The Stand and The Office.” The 2 minutes were promising, if a little hard to grok. Right at the end of the clip, Ze Frank gets a roshambo mention in, so that’s a good sign.

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