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Netflix Well-Positioned to Be Online Video Leader: Report

Though Netflix (s NFLX) is feeling the downturn just like everyone else, the DVD giant could be among those “best positioned to take advantage of online video,” writes Saul Hansell on the New York Times Bits blog today. Why?

1. Its existing business already satisfies customers.
2. Streaming video, even if it’s not perfect now, is seen as “more of a free bonus than a disappointment.”
3. It customers already pay.
4. It’s already getting into the living room; sales estimates for the Roku-Netflix box are in the hundreds of thousands.

We totally agree, and that’s why we invited Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to keynote NewTeeVee Live next month. Have you gotten your ticket yet? Do it now!

3 Responses to “Netflix Well-Positioned to Be Online Video Leader: Report”

  1. Liz –

    Hopefully folks won’t be held hostage to one online video service. Connect your PC to your HDTV and then you can rent movies anywhere you like: Netflix, CinemaNow, MovieLink, Amazon.

  2. Netflix’s core biz is DVD… evidenced by the fact that you must rent DVDs just to use their online service. Additionally they have no original programming and they’ve also alienated independents and had their major studio content taken away in regards to their online content. Relying on one catalog like Anchor Bay/Starz will burn out quickly. In terms of wholesalers, Amazon has many more titles and is more user friendly.

    Online networks which can deliver compelling professionally produced programming like DVWN look like the future IMO.

  3. Yes, they are definitely well positioned. Of all the various living room boxes over the years, this one seems to be the most sticky. But in the end it all boils down to the content.
    Provide good content to a captive audience and you’re golden. Their tie up with Starz has definitely generated renewed interest. They need to look at HD content (always tricky over a broadband pipe at TV resolutions) and provide additional content.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they start a tiered offering for more recent content (to get closer to the DVD viewing window).

    And yes, looking forward to attending NewTeeVee Live conference.