MSI Wind U120 smiles for the camera



Fudzilla put their paparazzi hat on and has the above and several other images of the anticipated successor to the MSI Wind U100. The U120 looks slightly more stylish with some retooling of the vent fans and changing the chassis parts from one color to two colors. MSI fixed one of my very minor niggles in the mouse button as well. The current Wind models use one bar to cover both the left and right mouse buttons while the new U120 appears to have two separate buttons. Expectations are that MSI will include 802.11n WiFi and an option for integrated wireless broadband; most likely something in the HSPA flavor. The netbook should see a capacity bump from the current 80GB hard drives up to 120GB or options for lower-capacity SSD. Rumored pricing is around $600 for starters when it arrives near the end of the year.



That s just dumb. Not only it desn’t deserve the ‘2’ moniker; it doesn’t deserve a ‘rev b’ name either.

At most its just a Wind “3G edition.”

Dave Zatz

Actually, it’s big enough for me if the price isn’t crazy. I do not like the color coded ports on the existing model. Makes it look cheapie.


The grass is always greener on the other side. Or in my case the next model.


thats it?! wow, i wasnt expecting much of a change but that is almost nothing at all.

personally i dont really see a reason for Gen 2 devices until Dual-Core Atom & new chipset arrive.

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