Integrated WiMAX speedtest on a Lenovo X301


WimaxspeedtestI’ve gathered quite a few thoughts from today’s WiMAX event but I won’t be rounding them up until I get home in a few hours. Meanwhile, I wanted to share this screenshot for two reasons. One, it gives you an indication of the bandwidth speeds and latency of the network here in Baltimore. Two, it was done on a Lenovo X301 with integrated WiMAX: the Intel Centrino 2 with WiMAX/WiFi Link 5350 module. The X301 is mine to borrow for the next 30-days courtesy of Lenovo and I’ll be putting it through the paces of course.

Many more thoughts to follow about WiMAX along with a few pics; time to make the long drive home and beat the rush-hour traffic in and around Philadelphia!

Update: my detailed roundup of the event as well as impressions of the WiMAX service are up here.


Kevin C. Tofel

AllanCJ, I agree and specifically asked about the impact to battery life with regards to the X301. These configurations are so new (as is the network) that Lenovo hasn’t been able to do any controlled testing yet to answer that question. I’ll ping Lenovo again in a week or two in hopes of getting additional information.


It would be interesting to know about battery life as the uplink in Wimax is reckoned to be a bit inefficient as regards energy use


Kevin why in the world are you complaining about a 2.5 houf drive? I do this every day! I am wondering why both of you continually love to complain to get something? Remember you sre lucky you are invited to these events! Some of us arent so lucky and hearing how hard your drive is just something that makes me laugh.. Get over it

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