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San Jose City Council Approves Tesla Plant: The San Jose City Council unanimously voted to approve Tesla Motors’ new electric car manufacturing plant. The Council also approved a number of green building policies including energy efficiency and sustainable materials regulations – San Jose Mercury News.

UK Creates Climate Change Department: UK prime minister Gordon Brown has created a Department of Energy and Climate Change which will be led by Ed Miliband because we need more government departments to tell us there’s a problem – Nature.

Gavin Newsom Blogs for Green Economy: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom blogs: “We must demand this new green economy. No more billion dollar tax breaks for the oil industry. No more drill baby drill. No more Persian Gulf oil imports” – Huffington Post.

Fact Checking the Debate on Climate and Oil: In case our commentary on last night’s presidential debate wasn’t enough, the folks over the New York Times have fact checked the debate and highlighted the energy-pertinent discrepancies – NYT’s Dot Earth.

Ethanol Execs Face Federal Charges, Grand Jury: Remember that North Carolina state official who wound up in jail for accepting a bribe from an ethanol developer? Well, those ethanol executives now face charges of extortion, bribery and perjury. Ethanol has official come of age – Forbes.