Off to the WiMAX event in Baltimore


WimaxbaltimoreQuick note that I’m on my way out the door for the two+hour drive down to Baltimore. Today is the WiMAX launch event. Note that it’s the launch event and not the launch: the service officially went live last week and has already seen some reviews. I’ll be doing my own hands on at the event but I won’t likely be testing coverage, bandwidth and latency on the fringe as the event is in the heart of the harbor area. I did just find out that the Lenovo folks have something waiting for me at the event. It’s a 30-day loaner device that’s currently available and it’s not a netbook. Hmmm……Enjoy your day with James as I go see the “hotspot as big as a city!” Oh and before anyone asks: yes, I’m taking the MSI Wind, which is now running Vista SP1. At under three-pounds and less than a foot wide, it’s great for travel and I can whip it out during the event without hurting myself or someone else. I’d better bring my EV-DO card too: once I leave Baltimore, I leave the WiMAX behind!



I’m using XOHM here in the DC area, speeds range but so far I’ve seen 4.7Mbps down and 768kbps to 3Mbps up. I have the Zyxel home modem from XOHM. Service for a ‘test’ market has been pretty good. I got the PC Express card as well but haven’t played with it yet, as I really don’t have a need for it. As for the modem, it’s lacking BIG TIME in basic features in the administrative pages. Hopefully that will change with a firmware update but we’ll see. It’s pretty much only port forwarding for now.


Apparently the network is active in a sort of beta, unofficial way in six other cities.

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