Lenovo S10- best netbook Wired has seen all year


I am hard at work capturing my first impressions of the Lenovo S10 netbook but I can give away a hint that it is by far mostly good.  Wired Magazine has reviewed the S10 and they certainly agree with me.  The title of their article says it all:  "Review: Lenovo S10- The Best Netbook We’ve Seen All Year".  It doesn’t get much clearer than that.  They liked the fact that Lenovo has included some healthy components like the 160GB hard drive for the $469 price tag.




i was sent this review before i saw it linked here too and my immediate impression was that it was a terrible review despite the fact i want to like the S10.

why is it so good…………………………?

why didn’t the reviewer justify its greatness by explaining why the S10 is better than the £20 cheaper Samsung S10 which comes with bluetooth, twice the battery, twive the memory, and twice the HD.

that was sloppy work from wired!


i’m not so sure i would be endorsing this review James, it’s pretty poor at best.

until this thing gets a 6-cell battery i wouldnt even bother comparing i to the 1000 or Wind. just “saying” they will release 1 in the next few months isnt enough, remember how long it took MSI to get 1 out?

when talking about value, the $469 price tag for 512MB RAM & 3-cell battery isnt very impressive at all. you can get twice the RAM & twice the battery in the 1000 for even less. with this being the smallest 10″ out there & having a KB that doesnt stretch to the edges is also very disappointing.

whenever Lenovo 1st announced the S10 i was VERY excited by it, but now after finding out more on it i am quite disappointed. hopefully they will bring the price down, increase the RAM & battery for now. then in Gen 2 address some of the design problems.

Electric Vagabond

I have some serious qualms with this brief, lazy and uninformed review. There are major unfounded claims and a serious lack of comparison to warrant the 9 out of 10 score or the ‘best netbook’ claim.

The review writer clearly is inexperienced and should not have been put in the position of writing a review on such a majorly popular piece of hardware in the booming netbook space on arguably one of the net’s most trusted tech sites.

I have elaborated on my site – click my name below for the link.

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