Kingston debuts new 32GB USB drive


Sure, USB flash drives are so old school but that changes when they get bumped up to 32 GB.  Kingston has produced such a jewel and the 32GB DataTraveler 150 looks to handle all your portable storage needs.  The little drive works with all flavors of Windows, Macs and Linux and retails for a measly $139. 



Alan A. Reiter

Hi James,

Your pricing info. is so, uh, old school . I just checked pricing and Newegg is selling the Kingston 32GB for $79.99 plus $6.99 for shipping. eCost has it for $79.

Two of those USB drives equals the hard disk capacity of my IBM/Lenovo X41 Tablet PC!


That’s cool, I thought I was missing out on some other technology that hasn’t been discussed here. :) I wasn’t thinking about SSD, but I would have rather have a USB 32GB drive than a portable 2.5 32GB to transport files. I wouldn’t mind having that 256GB SSD for my laptop though! BTW, your postings are great and I read them everyday. Keep up to good work on the tech news!


USB flash drives are old school compared to what? Not sure what you’re comparing them too, my only guess would be SD or microSD cards. Not all PCs have card readers on them yet though, but almost all have USB ports.

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