Zuckerberg’s Parallel Universe: Growth, Not Revenues

In the oblivious parallel universe, growth has nothing to do with revenues, and so it is for Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on his visit to Germany. He said in response to questions about company’s business model: “I’m pretty sure that we will find an analogous business model. But we are experimenting already. One group is very focused on targeting; another part is focused on social recommendation from your friends. In three years from now we have to figure out what the optimum model is. But that is not our primary focus today…Growth is primary, revenue is secondary.” Yes, and our economy is fundamentally strong as well…

Anyway, snark aside, Zuckerberg confirms that the company is allowing its employees to sell shares in the company, up to 20 percent of their options for a maximum of $900K. “We are not going public for a while. So we want the people to have enough money to live for the period of time until we go public. In the early days of Facebook I was able to get 900000 dollar of liquidity. That made a pretty big deal to me. We want engineers or other people in the company don’t have to worry about simple things.”


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