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The Role of Coal in Presidential Politics: “Clean coal” has many technical hurdles, so why is it almost always part of proposed energy plans? Maybe it has something to do with the fact the the coal lobby has sponsored many of the debates during this election – WSJ’s Environmental Capital.

Army Plans to Equip 500 MW Solar Thermal Farm: In a bid to reduce its $3 billion annual power bill, the U.S. Army is planning on installing a 500 megawatt solar thermal farm at its base in Fort Irwin, Calif. – CNet.

Altairnano Gets $10M from Dubai Investors: The lithium-titanate battery company has made a $10 million private placement of its common stock to Al Yousuf LLC, the same group that has previously invested $40 million in Altairnano as well as investments in Phoenix Motorcars and ZAP! – Autoblog Green.

Ford Awarded $10M DOE Grant for PHEV Development: The U.S. Government awarded the money to Ford to contribute half the costs of a project to build a fleet of 20 plug-in electric vehicles. After a $700 billion bailout we guess they’ll fund anything – Green Car Congress.

Taking Commuter Car’s Tango For a Spin: While the bobsled-style seating of Commuter Car’s Tango might be a bit odd, the all-electric mini vehicle packs a serious automotive punch with not one by two electric motors – Greentech Media.

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