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NBC Partners with 60Frames for Slate of Web Series

NBC Universal Digital Studio today announced its slate of original productions created in partnership with new media studio 60Frames. The new shows will feature Hollywood talent, but as is the trend lately, will not be put into production until a sponsor has been secured. The new crop of programming is currently being shopped to potential brands.

Once produced, the series will be distributed through NBC sites, other web sites, mobile, VOD and electronic sell-through outlets.

The new series are:

  • Loving Larry: 20-somethings create a fake Bachelor-style reality show. (60Frames Entertainment)
  • Love At First Sight & Other Dangers: From writer/director Scott Burns (The Bourne Ultimatum), short stories about love in all its forms. (60Frames released two original episodes, and is working with the NBC to extend the series.)
  • Mr. Miss Teen U.S.A.: An 18-year-old wins a sexual discrimination lawsuit, allowing him to enter the Miss Teen USA Pageant, where he must face angry stage parents, jealous contestants and an evil host. (60Frames Entertainment Production)
  • Four Corners: Located in the four corners of the U.S., four teams compete in challenges as they race to the country’s center. (NBC Universal Digital Studio)
  • True Story: A documentary series featuring eccentric individuals such as an 80-year-old punk rocker and a tango-dancing witch. (NBC Universal Digital Studio)
  • Men With Guns: The Assassins: A virtuous assassin plays sets his sights on the villains of society. Written and produced by Tom Fontana (OZ, Homicide). (60Frames Entertainment)
  • The Remnants: From writer/director/producer John August (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie’s Angels) comes the quirky and comedic story of a group of friends who search for answers and survival, upon realizing they are some of society’s last living inhabitants in post-something Los Angeles. (60Frames Entertainment Production)

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