HTC to USA: Can’t Touch (HD) This!


HammerSorry for the MC Hammer play, but I try to have fun to offset bad news. Here’s the deal: the HTC Touch HD you might be salivating over isn’t Coming to America like Eddie Murphy. In a recent Twitter posting, a company rep says:

“sad news, US. we looked into it- by the time we could bring Touch HD to the states, it would be old news. we do have other cool stuff coming”

That means you have two choices if you want the 800×480 Windows Mobile 6.1 handset: move or look for an importer. Even if you go the import route, you won’t see a compatible 3G frequency here in the States, so relocating might be the more attractive option.Now that the bad news is out of the closet, let’s turn that frown upside down: who still has those baggy MC Hammer pants in their closet? They make for comfy pajama bottoms. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Just sayin’.(via Mobile Devices Today)


andrew beery

I really don’t need 3G as this device has WIFI and I’m usually near a WIFI access point at home or work… I just wonder if I stick the SIM card from my Sprint phone in it will it be able to connect to a US network… Anybody know?

This device is the first one that really deserves the title of an iPhone killer. It feels as nice as Apple, but it’s Windows Mobile. I could test it for a review in German:

HTC Touch HD Testbericht

We at also made a video about the HTC Touch HD with English subtitles. To switch them on, please click the red button down right in the Youtube video player. You can find it here:


While I admit that the 800*480 resolution on a larger display is attractive, until the Touch HD Pro comes out featuring large screen AND keyboard, it wouldn’t make my Must Have List.

And I’m sorry, but I don’t care what Google Android features, the G1 hardware looks like something from the 2003 smartphone era.

I’ll be buying my Touch Pro upon its availability!


Hmmm…..I don’t think it would necessarily leave people thinking it as the second best choice. I just think it would give consumers another considerable option to keep in mind.

I think people would be very curious about wanting a WinMo touch device in that form factor with the HD. With the repuation that HTC has and the appeal of that phone……That curiosity could draw people to wait for that device and temporarily try Android (with the G1) later. So I think HTC, just wanted to play it safe and put an “end” to that; and have the consumers more focused on the G1 (especially), Diamond/Pro for now.

Just my take…who knows?! But as I mentioned in my previous post, I think the Touch HD will make its reappearance some time next year. In fact there are already rumors of the Touch HD device being the next Android device for TMobile. Wishful thinking? Dunno, but we’ll just wait to wait and see. Long wait…haha.


That’s an interesting theory MT. However, mightn’t it leave people thinking that the G1 is a second best choice that they’re only accepting because there’s no Touch HD available?

I agree that they might be worried about cannibalising Touch Diamond sales if those were just released in the US.


Not surprised to hear that HTC “officially” say that Touch HD will not be released for the US. Here are the reasons why I think they “shelved” the Touch HD; other than their reasoning saying that they “didn’t know” there was such high demand for phone like this.

· They just released the Diamond and Pro for Sprint. Already with Touch HD news coming, those that were/are in the market for these phones, were willing to wait it out for its release for the US.

· Being that Touch HD (just look at it) had the potential to seriously draw demand, this would have had some effect with its heavily vested partners in Google (first roll out with Android on a device) and TMobile (roll out with its 3G network).

Now how much of an effect the Touch HD would have had if were to be released in the US, we don’t know. But I would speculate it would have caused some sort of interruption in G1 sales. I think the mass (not those that already jumped on the G1 with the preorders) would have considered something like the HD. I think they would’ve waited it out to see if this device would be released for the US. I think HTC recognized this and considering their partners want a successful roll-out, they had to end this speculation or expectation for now. So them coming out and saying this is like an “official” end to the Touch HD. Sort of like saying…”okay nothing to see, let move forward”. Props to them for recognizing this, if that was the case.

My take: I think we will see the Touch HD some time next year in the US; in some shape or form. I just think HTC wanted to hush people up about the device for now in the US; especially with all might FIRST roll-outs in the US with Android and 3G.


The Xperia X1 will have the same resolution and OS as the Touch HD and will (eventually) be coming to North America.

In the meantime, I have to start saving as the X1 is out here in the UK this week and the Touch HD will be out soon. Now if only Microsoft would surprise us and announce the imminent release of WinMo7.

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