Five-second boot time demonstrated, sent to Moblin project

LinuxbootchartI might be in the minority when I say that mobile device boot time doesn’t matter, but I can’t help to notice this project. A few weeks ago, two Linux developers demonstrated a five-second boot time on an Asus Eee PC with Solid State Disk. The entire approach wasn’t to make a device boot faster, but to break the five second barrier.The developers started by used a tool called Bootchart to monitor how long each step of the boot process took. Fedora was up and running out of the box in 45 seconds. Taking that information, the developers modified the kernel to start in one second by cutting modules and optimizing those that made the cut. They also added a patch to allow the kernel to read ahead data blocks from disk and get them into memory quicker.While there’s some debate on whether or not all needed services are available in the scant five-seconds, it’s still pretty impressive. The project info and results are expected to help Moblin, the Intel-backed Linux environment for Mobile Internet Devices. I’m beginning to doubt that the MID market as originally envisioned by Intel is ever going to take off in widespread fashion, but if it does, you just might see sub-five-second device boots. While we wait, I’ll stick with Sleep and Resume.(via GottaBeMobile)


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