De-bloat that smartphone for better performance


Removeoldhp48cebmpSmart Device Central shares a short list of ways to de-bloat your smartphone which could be helpful for those new to this type of device. Most of the article explains how to use the standard methods to remove programs on all of the major platforms: BlackBerry, Palm OS, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile and iPhone.From a Windows Mobile perspective, I’d also add the method to remove temporary files if you’re using Internet Explorer. In WinMo 6, it’s Menu, Tools, Options, Memory, Clear. I also only download the last three days worth of mail so I don’t fill up my limited memory with gobs of old messages. You can always get more if you need ’em and I find Pocket Outlook to be more responsive when it doesn’t have to show tons of data. Lastly, I’m very careful about what add-ons and plug-ins I keep on my phone. What other tips did Smart Device Central leave out? How do you keep your smartphone lean and mean?

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