AT&T hangs up on unlimited data GoPhone option


Gophone_pyp_logoIf you’ve been enjoying unlimited wireless data access through the GoPhone back-door on AT&T’s network, you’d better enjoy the heck out of it between now and November 12th. That’s the date that this little loophole gets closed says PhoneNews, who got the info from the AT&T GoPhone call center.With a move like this, AT&T would try to stop people from getting a much less expensive data plan. Under current conditions, people buy an AT&T GoPhone which includes a SIM card. The cheap phone essentially gets tossed because the SIM card is the valuable nugget. A quick call to AT&T enables the SIM for the $20 monthly data plan, which is far less expensive than AT&T’s $60 plans that offer 5GB of data per month and is contract-free. AT&T indicates that they’re evaluating other ways to offer pre-paid data, but something tells me they’re going to drag their feet on that. Or when it does appear, it will be a very limited plan in terms of data since it was cannibalizing their traditional data offerings.



Sound like smart business on their part. If they found a way to only enable it on the go phones i don’t see why they would have taken it away. Seems like ppl were taking advantage of a good thing and they just took it away. Just like anything else in life…remember when voip was free on the internet?


Yes, but with the major bloggers posting the method wasn’t it just a matter of time before AT&T was made aware of the loophole?


Its funny in a way that carriers in europe are expanding their data offerings for Prepaid, while US carriers are dragging their heels.

Here in the UK, Most of the majhor carriers offer data for Prepaid phones at similar rates to post paid contracts, although with a lower data limit.

They way in which they are trying to convince people to sign a contract is by offering free / subsidised modems.

For Example

Three UK offers a monthly data plan for £ 15 for 5Gb of data, and you get the USb modem free if you sign a 18 month contract.

If you want a shorter contract or no long term one, you can just get the plan and pay the rice of the modem.

Similar plans on T-mobile UK as well.

There are also some great features available.

On T-mobile if you use a prepaid Sim card and don’t have a Data package purchased, they have a system that they will not charge you more then £1($1.7) for the 24 hour period. There is a fair use limit but you’ll probably never run into it as long as you’re not doing torrents, etc. You can get it for half the price if you buy a data package in advance.

Orange has a similar offer, but their limit is £2 a day.

Three does not have a daily limit, but you can get data for a Day (£2), a week (£5) or a month (£10) if you buy a package in advance.


Guess we should have known this was coming. Its a business and anything that prevents maximizing profit gets axed.

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