Judge Keeps RealDVD Distribution Restraining Order In Place

RealNetworks’ (NSDQ: RNWK) chances with RealDVD seem to be in limbo: Judge Marilyn Patel from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled this afternoon to extend the temporary restraining order against RealDVD, until she can hold a more complete hearing.

RealNetworks had to stop distributing the software on Friday after the judge asked it to, and today, the judge formally barred sales of the software. She wants to hear from experts on the effect of the software…and she wouldn’t be available for another hearing until after Nov. 17, reports News.com. “I am extending the temporary restraining order because I’m not satisfied in the fact that this technology is not in violation…There are serious questions about copyright violations. There are questions about violations of the (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), and violations of these companies’ agreement,” Patel said.

James DiBoise, RealNetworks’ attorney on the case, told the court earlier last week that the restraining order was causing RealNetworks serious financial harm, and it has anticipated that half the revenue from RealDVD would come between now and the holidays, the story says. On the other hand, sales of RealDVD wouldn’t cause any significant hardship to the movie industry, as many other such ripping softwares are already on the market.