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Techspansion Shutting Down Development of VisualHub/iSquint

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Techspansion developer Tyler Loch, maker of the incredibly useful multimedia manipulation tools VisualHub, iSquint and AudialHub, has announced he is discontinuing all further development.

“…After much soul-searching (it’s not you, it’s me), for personal reasons, Techspansion is closing its virtual doors. The Support Forum and Support E-mail will be available for a while longer to take care of any remaining issues for you. “

Thanks for all your support. It’s been a fun ride.

This has been the main tool I use to convert content for the iPhone & Apple TV and the continued enhancements will be sorely missed, especially if Apple patches or new OS releases cause the software to break.

While there are other programs out there, VisualHub provided a clean interface with very helpful pre-sets that made it a snap to do batch conversions. Tyler was always very helpful with support questions and seems to truly appreciate his user community.

What will replace Techspansion tools in your Applications folder? What are your key conversion utilities? How will the loss of these applications impact your workflow? Drop a note in the comments with your suggestions for other TAB readers or just to say “thank you!” to Tyler for his contribution to the Mac community.

11 Responses to “Techspansion Shutting Down Development of VisualHub/iSquint”

  1. Loved the program!!!!!, however at some point in time during the closing of techspansion I was putting back together my mac. Thinking I’m safe, time machine let me down, or did I not do something right, hmmm, anyway i retrieved most of my inbox but failed to save my saved folders in my email which contained you guessed it……my serials for all of my programs…….no problem i hear you say……well it is if they have closed down. Hence my problem, i payed for visual hub, loved using visual hub, specially for converting avi to dvd’s, but sadly i have sent an email to the techspansion site and received no reply………….so I’m guessing I’m screwed huh?

  2. I would give MPEG Streamclip from Squared 5 a try. It’s free but you will need some supporting applications to handle all the different types of conversions you might want to do. Check their website, for more information on the requisite add-ons. The only add-on that will cost you any money is the QuickTime MPEG-2 component. You only need that if you’re going to be working with material encoded in MPEG-2. I have used MPEG Streamclip to edit and convert videos from my TiVo. Heck I even wrote and article about it, link. Give it a try.

  3. Stephen van Egmond

    That sucks. I hope the motivator for this gets sorted.

    It’s too bad, VH was easily the one app I was the most glad I paid money for. Second only to G-force, and that’s only when I’m flying.

    Dude, you should have sold the source and the business. I’d have bought it for many kilodollars.

    Respect to the handbrake developers, but you are a distant #2 among the things I care about, which is primarily usability. If Tyler(?) releases source, I hope it helps you.

  4. iSquint is a favorite for quick conversions of video for my blackberry and ipod. Sad to hear no new version will be out if OSX gets updated and kills the current version.

  5. The latest Handbrake Snapshot Build supports universal format input through the libvacodec library. Read: Handbrake in addition to being arguably the best DVD backup utility on the Mac, is evolving into a GUI frontend to the ffmpeg tools. This makes me very excited, since Handbrake has tons of coding optimizations, and stays fairly current with the codecs used. I’d argue that it won’t be long until Handbrake becomes easier to use, is more customizable, and provides better output than VisualHub. If you’re brave with beta software, you can get hte latest build of Handbrake at the link; if not, transcoding support should be included in the 0.9.3 release.

    That being said, I’m sad VH is done, it was a good tool.

  6. Christian

    There’s no program yet to replace VisualHub – in case of value.
    But why look for something new? VisualHub will continue to work for months.
    Also the author wrote on his website there is something to come for people being interested in the source code.
    Just put it on or sourceforge and that’s it. ;-)