Serious Materials Launches Eco-Windows

Green building materials startup Serious Materials officially announced the availability of its eco-windows, ThermaProof, on Tuesday, which it says can save significant energy in buildings and reduce heating and cooling costs by 40 percent. Serious Materials says its windows are so energy efficient that they can save a homeowner more than $100,000 over the life of the windows for a standard home, and that if existing windows were replaced by ThermaProof windows, U.S. carbon emissions could be reduced by 5 percent.

Serious Materials has been talking about its energy-saving windows for a couple months, but they are just starting to go on sale in significant volume. The windows go above and beyond the requirements to meet Energy Star standards, and can help building owners get LEED energy credits. They work by basically creating a really solid seal, with an insulated frame, and glass via the company’s acquisition of glass company Alpen Windows.

Serious Materials also sells eco-drywall and raised $50 million from New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Foundation Capital and Rustic Canyon Partners to get its drywall factories up and running. Founded in 2002, Serious Materials is ramping up significantly, hiring employees and moving into commercial sales.