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RoofRay Launches Solar Widget

RoofRay, a sort of online clearinghouse for solar that we wrote about in August, launched an embeddable widget (see below) for web sites on Monday. RoofRay creator Chris Bura tells us that a widget was a commonly-requested feature from users and he created the widget to “take solar viral.”

The widget offers a truncated version of the RoofRay site, and users can draw a solar array on a chosen rooftop via satellite imagery and Google maps, then calculate potential savings and get a quote. The RoofRay web site, which is kind of like Zillow meets Lending Tree for residential solar, offers a lot deeper dive into the financials and performance of the drawn solar system. Bura also plans to offer a subscription-based version of his widget for web sites that would want to keep the leads generated in the “get a quote” section — that could be a good marketing tactic for solar installers.

Bura spent under an initial $50,000 on the site (he’s says he’s invested more since then) building out RoofRay with the help of just one engineer. He plans to raise funding, incorporate the company, and hire a co-founder and 2 developers to build out the site even more over the next few months. Overall the widget is a savvy and simple way for RoofRay to get in front of a lot more eyeballs, and probably didn’t cost much to get built. Test it out and tell us what you think.

8 Responses to “RoofRay Launches Solar Widget”

  1. This is very interesting. However, the size will make it very prohibitive for most websites to embed. 580×374 is a huge block of space to commit anywhere on someone’s site or blog. I have posted it on my site to show how much space it takes up. Our site uses only 320 on the right which is a large sidebar, 580 would be impossible.