Paper and pencil better for the brain than software? Tablet PC is too.

Onenote_outline_1BoingBoing points to an interesting PhD dissertation that looks at the theory that computer-related tools, software and the like, interfere with the brain’s natural ability to learn and solve problems.  The author contends that simple pen and paper help with these creative tasks and that software actually impedes them as they steal the subject’s focus.  I think there is a lot to be said for this and it feeds into one of the main benefits I have gotten from using Tablet PCs in my work for so long.

Using the Tablet PC in ink mode on the slate to me is just like using pen and paper.  I have noted previously that I find this stimulates my creative process and it’s something I do even today for writing projects in particular.  I find that using the pen on the slate does in fact keep the tool from getting in the way of the process and it’s pretty cool to see academia catching onto this phenomenon.  You tablet users know what I’m talking about I’ll bet.  How does the Tablet PC help you?


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