My sinister MacBook netbook plan moves forward


Overview_hero20080226 Remember my three-step plan for Apple’s entry into the fast growing netbook market? Step one is rumored to be in play because there might be a discrete NVIDIA solution in the MacBook refresh expected on October 14th. That would bridge one of the largest gaps between the MacBook and MacBook Pro, clearing the way for a smaller, netbookier MacBook. Until that happens or we see pigs fly, I’ll stick with my MSI Wind and "Operating System of the Month" club. We did OS X last month, so Vista it is in October.



Actually US still has the cheapest netbook and camera price for the last year when I was in the market. You have to consider the low exchange rate for dollar. Although US is getting products usually later than most other markets now.

Unfortunately I am not in the States right now so I have to pay more. And I missed out on the MS money/ebay coupon thing.

Dave Zatz

I’m giving it a week… Supposedly there may be an Apple announcement next Tuesday and today the MSI Wind was confirmed for Best Buy. So next week I’m buying something. Assuming all our jobs and Wall Street haven’t been wiped out.

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