MSI Wind blowing into Best Buy


We told you earlier that MSI was going to announce the appearance of the Wind U100 in a "major retailer" and today they did so.  We got the PR from MSI that announces the Wind will be appearing shortly in Best Buy stores throughout the US for $399.  Soon you’ll be able to walk into a Best Buy and try out a MSI Wind before plunking down your bucks for the unit with a 1.6 GHz Atom processor, 1 GB of RAM, Windows XP and a 120GB hard drive.  Best Buy will carry the Wind in black and white to match the rest of your cloud.  Unfortunately this only has the 3-cell battery but maybe, just maybe we can get our hands on the 6-cell battery to go with it before too much longer.



That headline deserves some sort of reward! That’s awesome.


I’ve been waiting forever for bestbuy to actually list netbooks on their site. now they have a drop down and a description, but still no list of netbooks available. Whar?? And when you click to ask why, they don’t have online (typing) chat enabled, just a phone number where you can call them or chat that requires your computer to have a mike. sorry I’m at work, no such thing. BB and Frys and all the brick and mortar stores have miserably failed to make it easy for me to find and buy a netbook. Grr.

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