GoDaddy offers Hosted Exchange plans, Danica Patrick videos not included

GodaddylogoGoDaddy, the largest domain registrar in North America, has jumped into the Hosted Exchange market with relatively low prices. They must be subsidized with all of those "too hot for TV" video ads. Don’t ask me though, I’ve never seen them. Ever.

You can get started with a plan for as little as $6.99 per month and that gets you an Outlook 2007 license, two gigabytes of storage, one e-mail address and a shared calendar. Sadly, you have to bump up to the $9.99 plan for mobile access with a handset and that puts the price near what other providers offer. GoDaddy could have really shook things up with racy pricing for these plans: $4.99 a month with mobile access would probably garner a few more looks than those videos. Unsure what Hosted Exchange is all about and why you might want it? We got you covered with Hosted Exchange 101.


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