Cross-Platform Social Gaming Now On the iPhone


Social Line Connect is a simple iPhone game with a cross-platform backbone. The free app, which looks similar to Connect Four, was added to the App Store over the weekend. The real point of the no-frills game is playing it with friends — even if they don’t own an iPhone. To that end, it’s a also proof-of-concept title for SocialDeck, a new middleware startup that’s created a server architecture for people to play games across several platforms.

Based on the premise that “social interaction is much more important than the actual game play,” as co-founder Anish Acharya put it to me during a recent demo at the GigaOM office, SocialDeck’s games can be played between people using an iPhone and on the web via Facebook, with a Blackberry version said to be on the way as well.

If you have an iPhone, it’s worth a try. Once you install the app, you’re given the option to log into Facebook and sync your friends list with your address book and vice-versa. (Social Line Connect is also the name of the company’s Facebook app, so you can challenge friends from there, too.) Voila, instant game network on your web browser and/or your phone, with a leaderboard and chat window for competing with pals.

As a middleware provider, SocialDeck plans to make money by offering targeted demographic data of users for advertisers, advergaming apps, and rev share with game developers. I just hope they come up with cooler titles. How about a SocialDeck version of the strategy classic X-COM, dudes?



Based on what I’ve read the real difference is that they provide a platform to do this for a variety of games rather than one instance. This could be pretty powerful if they opened this up to game developers.


This isn’t new. A company called Real Dice has been doing this for over a year. Their Poker game can be played on Facebook, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile, Palm and Java phones.

Glad you guys final woke up!


It’s about time someone figured out the future of casual gaming.

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