Coffee break – EV-DO usage for 1.5 hours


With most wireless broadband plans capped at 5GB per month, we’re often asked how much data we use and how quickly we can bump up against that cap. Obviously, the amount of data used varies by each individual’s activities, but I wanted to share info from the last hour-and-a-half. I was on my way home from a memorial service but had to stop for a late lunch. Turns out there was a Starbucks right next door so I’ve been parked here for the last 90 minutes using my Verizon EV-DO plan on the MSI Wind.

I would consider these numbers to be around the low end of the spectrum. Activities included e-mail on the web for my two Gmail accounts, reading RSS feeds, writing a few posts and checking in on FriendFeed. The only "data intensive" activity I did was to download Google Chrome, which isn’t big by any means. Had I watched any videos or streamed audio while working, a very different picture would have been painted. Having said that, I used under 45 MB of data in the last 90 minutes in these conditions. Just a guideline for those that were curious or unsure about how much data you can use in a given amount of time.

I grabbed these numbers from my VZ Access software that comes with my modem. If you need a program to track your bandwidth usage or provide alerts as you near a cap, check out the free BitMeter2, a solution we recently highlighted for this purpose.


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