Acer Aspire One gets 6-cell and 160GB drive package

AceraspireoneblackA netbook purchase choice just might be a little harder now, or actually easier, depending on your point of view. The Acer Aspire One is now appearing on Amazon in new configurations and colors. Yup, they cost a bunch more, but some will be happy with the upgraded configurations. For starters, there’s a 6-cell battery available which is a huge benefit for folks that want more than three-hours runtime. Need more hard drive capacity than the paltry offering of the original Solid State Disk drives? How’s a 160GB drive spinning at 5200 RPM grab you for running the included Windows XP Home operating system? Acer’s even tucking in 1GB of memory so you don’t have to. That’s a good thing because cracking open the Aspire One for a simple RAM upgrade is a bear.Amazon offers this configuration in three color choices starting at $499: Black, White and Sapphire Blue. At last check, the white model was in stock and there was actually some price reductions on the other colors. Right now, I see the Sapphire Blue model down to $399, although it’s not currently in stock. The version in black can be had (for the moment) if you think $469 is worth the upgrades. I’m inclined to say yes they are having a less than optimal experience using the 3-cell version with slower SSD and 512 MB of RAM with XP.(via Small Laptops)


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