Magazines’ Digital Revenues Offset Last Year’s Print Declines (For Some)

As magazine ad pages continued to slip this year and last, digital’s growth appeared to help offset the print losses at several publishers, particularly Time Inc. and IDG, AdAge reports. The 48 mags that shared information for AdAge’s annual Magazine 300 survey said that revenues from digital ranged from 0.3 percent to 38 percent, with the median figure for digital last year hitting 9.75 percent — about double what magazines reported last year.

Counterbalancing print declines: For the most part, tech-focused mags saw the greatest gains from digital. Among the magazines whose digital sides compensated for print declines, IDG’s PC World told AdAge that its digital share gained 38 percent, the highest on the survey and up from 32 percent in 2006. Consumer titles began feeling the benefits from digital as well. Time Inc.’s Money, Fortune and Fortune Small Business each said that 24.5 percent of their 2007 revenue came from Last year, that number was 12.5 percent. Overall, Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) said online ads made up 7 percent of Time Inc.’s 2007 ad revenue. Digital is likely to make up a larger share this year, as magazines suffer along with all other traditional media amid the worsening economy. But digital growth, which has been slowing this year as well due to display’s struggles, will make the double digit gains harder to come by.