3 Easy Ways to Customize Firefox


The Firefox browser from Mozilla is one of the most popular web worker applications, and one of the reasons is that as an open source browser, it’s always been designed for customization. Firefox extensions are a top way to customize, but in this post I’ll cover three other simple ways to get Firefox working how you want it to.

Customize Your Tabs. Tabs are, of course, among the most useful aspects of Firefox. You can customize how you handle tabs in many ways. Go to the Tools menu, select Options, and select Tabs. The resulting dialog box lets you choose to open tabs in new windows or just new tabs, and you can have Firefox warn you about events such as shutting down several tabs at once.

Customizing Firefox’s Toolbar. Did you know that you can customize the toolbar in Firefox, adding several kinds of useful tools? You can also add new toolbars, and go back to your default tools whenever you want.

To get started with this, right-click on Firefox’s toolbar and the Customize Toolbar dialog will appear. You can drag-and-drop tools that you want on your toolbar, including a tool for working with tabs, a tool for downloads, and many more. (Use the toggle on the right to scroll down for available tools.)

Use Custom Firefox Themes. Just as you can use custom themes on your computing desktop, you can use themes for Firefox as well. Browse through some of the popular themes at Customize.org for freely downloadable themes.

Interested in more Firefox customization choices? Try the Firefox Superguide at OStatic for more than 100 ideas.



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