10M iPhones to Market


Estimates show that as September came to a close, Apple’s iPhone manufacturers should have rolled unit number 10,000,000 off their lines. Not totally shabby for 18 months of iPhones on the open market — a significant portion of that time limited to potential sales in the United States only.

To put things in perspective, iPods have historically averaged out to around 30 million units every eighteen months. So the iPhone is running at about one third of its predecessor. This number may seem far smaller, but consider that the iPhone represents a significantly greater barrier to entry due to being tied to specific cellular providers.

Let’s be clear, this pertains to units manufactured, not units sold. There have been plenty of replacements (I’ve talked to more than a few iPhone owners who are on their 2nd or even 3rd replacements…), returns, and that’s not even to mention the demo units and freebies given out to Apple staff. Regardless of the difference in sales and manufacturing numbers, this is still a big milestone for Apple.


Hax Or

I have never seen anyone with an iPhone. At the airport, around town, I just don’t see them.

Perhaps they are just using them as phones, in which case, I just seen them with their hand to their head.

Nick Santilli

I think another interesting sideline to news like this, is how far off the next revision of the iPhone actually will be. With 10M iPhones floating around, at what point does Apple consider their market saturated, making a newer model not quite cost effective – at what point in time does that equilibrium happen? They haven’t exactly worried about it with their iPod lines (the numbers above attest to that), but obviously the phone based product has some different market considerations involved…

Joshua Giblette

It will be interesting to see what will happen on the iphone time line in the next year or so. I wonder if they will ever allow another service provider to carry the iphone, but in a way Apple has played it smart in only only allowing At&t to provide service. There is in turn no worries of providers cutting the cost of the iphone just to sign people up for service.

The iphone is by far an addiction I do not see myself letting go of at anytime soon…At&t has not been the greatest service…but so far it has been worth the sacrifice.

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