Your Monthly Time Waster: Cocktail Match


Cocktail Match

Cocktail Match

Okay, confess. You work hard for hours on end, never budging from the keyboard, and then, you digress. You get distracted. You find a blog or a site or a Web app that is nonsense, that is fun or funny, that has absolutely nothing to do with your work.

Well, I’m here to say that you are not alone and to prove it, every month or so, I’ll post a new blog, site or app that will truly waste your time. I should know. Because I’ve been there and gotten sucked into the vortex of distraction and lost precious time. But I truly believe we need those occasional distractions or we will go absolutely mad.

Presenting…Cocktail Match

Adhering to the theory that “You are what you drink,” Cocktail Match allows you to create your own virtual bar (VBar) based around your cocktail preferences and invite friends to socialize. Talk about niche social networking. And I thought social networks for cats, dogs and hamsters was really niche.

On your profile page, you can update your status, add personal information including your top 5 favorite alcoholic beverages and top 5 non-alcoholic beverages. You can upload photos, music, and video as well as widgets. You can publish a blog. You can friend people or join their VBar. Think of Cocktail Match as MySpace for grownups.

And according to site creator Al Escamilla, the site was created for adults to encourage social networking with friends and family. His wife started the Yoga Wine Mom VBar for women who like wine and yoga and happen to be moms. There’s a sports oriented VBar, a poker one, and other VBars covering a variety of topics and affinity interests. And yes, I’ve created my own VBar that I’m calling SocialMediaMavens. Stop on by for a virtual drink!

Escamilla says the Cocktail Match members enjoy music, fashion and a social lifestyle.

“Our goal is to become the Nordstrom of social networks,” says Escamilla meaning he isn’t setting out to have a site that is all things to all people. You must be 21 to join, and he says the company emphasizes great customer service, great products, and a great user experience.

Escamilla is also hoping to tap into luxury good and beverage companies as potential advertisers on his network because of the site’s more upscale member demographic. Your time wasting could turn into profits for this Texas-based Web worker!

So what are you waiting for? Time’s a’wasting.

What is your favorite online time waster?



Thanks, its great i’m on to it also. See you at SFSALOON. Time is wasted if you don’t receive anything in return and we can’t say that about Cocktailmatch.

HOOT, because I give a!! Cheers

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