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Top Bottom 5 Celebrity Get-Out-the-Vote Videos

Celebrities — they care about using their power for good. They all want you to vote (for Obama). And they’re making videos about it! Most of them, however, are kind of bad.

Here are the five (plus one) most recent celebrity get-out-the-vote videos we’ve seen, ranked from worst to most worst.

5) Diddy Blog #24 – Sarah Palin Scares Me

In the dark, under the covers, illuminated by a flashlight, it’s…Diddy! The bogeyman is Sarah Palin so you better vote against her, he says. Only with more feeling.

4) 5 Friends

Oodles of celebrities get together in front of a white screen to sarcastically tell you not to vote. At length. More commentary, including analysis of Tobey Maguire’s feelings and Benicio Del Toro’s liver, here.

3) Gap Vote for _____

Gap rounded up a bunch of people who have little to do with one another, like Mark Cuban, Perez Hilton, and Olivia Munn, to tell you what or for whom they’re voting. Like this one, where Gossip Girl‘s caustic narrator Kristen Bell goes all touchy-feely (official versions are here, but are not embeddable):

2) Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep

Silverman (who also appears in 5 Friends) in her normal wide-eyed offensive way, tries to be sincere. I think. She wants young Jewish people to get their grandparents in Florida to vote Obama. “Oy!”

1) The Muzzler

Jessica Alba goes QVC. With a Hannibal Lecter muzzle. And Hayden Panettiere. Watch it for yourself, but it won’t make any more sense. This one is definitely the worst.

Bonus: Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama.

This one is apparently a leaked clip from an upcoming episode. It seems rather political for good ole Homer Simpson.

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