Palin Plays the Flute, Back on Topps: NTV Station Today


Funny thing about life — a public figure can never predict what might pop up from her past. Allow me to present accomplished flautist Sarah Palin, circa the early 1980s (that’s my guess, anyway, based on the hair). Is this the candidate’s saxophone-solo-on-Arsenio Hall moment?

And huzzah for branded entertainment! Today we look at Back on Topps, the Sklar Brothers’ hilarious fictional effort to resurrect the Topps brand name…that may end up resurrecting the Topps brand name in the real world, too. Plus, there are famous sports people in it! Check out the fun at NewTeeVee Station!


Alec McNayr

Let this be a lesson to all college students (or anyone for that matter) posting anything online anywhere: this stuff will be with you forever.

Of course, Palin’s beauty pageant days, her news desk anchoring, and this flautist performance are all totally innocuous, but imagine what politicians of the 2020’s will have to endure when their rivals dig up the thousands of posts, photos, and super-pokes from the early 21st century.

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